Career Pathways in Renewable Energy

Career pathways in renewable energy

The renewable energy sector is bright and promising. This sector which includes solar, wind, hydropower, biofuels and more, is aimed at moving away from carbon-intensive energy systems. These are generated using fossil fuels and produce more CO2 emissions. Not only is renewable energy less carbon intensive, it is more sustainable in the long term which indicates its critical role in ensuring the transition to clean energy.

Globally, there have been positive policy developments in the European Union, the United States, China and India, among others, which is thought to drive faster renewables growth in the years to come. With demand for renewable energy on the rise both globally and nationally, several careers can be pursued in the renewable energy sector.

Here is a small selection of resources you should know if you are interested in exploring a career pathway in renewable energy.

Clean Energy Council’s Clean Energy Careers Guide

The peak body for renewable energy in Australia represents and works with businesses operating in solar, wind, energy efficiency, hydro, bioenergy, energy storage, geothermal and marine. 

Their Careers Guide provides a snapshot of roles and careers within the Australian clean energy sector across wind, solar, hydro and batteries. The guide shares where the demand for skills is, where gaps exist, and provides insights into emerging career opportunities.

For more information, visit the Clean Energy Council’s Clean Energy Careers Guide

Community Power Agency’s Energy Hub

Community Power Agency (CPA) is a non-profit organisation that enables and advocates for community energy as well as provides expert advice and support for the development of community energy.  

Their Energy Hub provides several resources and information on employment pathways programs.

For more information, visit the CPA’s Energy Hub.

Queensland’s Future Energy Jobs Guide

The Queensland Government has produced a great resource to help individuals kickstart a career in renewable energy, offering pointers and tips on jobs, skills and training requirements. Several job categories key to Queensland’s renewable energy future are also identified.

For more information, visit Queensland Government’s Future Energy Job Guide.

Pathway for First Nations Australians

The First Nations Clean Energy Network Clean Energy Job Pathways Initiative aims to identify clear pathways for jobs and careers for First Nations Australians. The project which began in 2023 is expected to be completed in 2024.

For more information, visit the Clean Energy Jobs Pathway Initiative.

Clean energy career stories that inspire

We have found several unique stories of individuals, working in the renewable energy sector, who are happy to share their perspectives and career lessons learned along the way.

Oliver Coleman studied for a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) at the University of Newcastle and journeyed from fossil fuels to renewables. He shared his story as a University of Newcastle alumni in Pathways to careers in wind and solar.

E-learning provider, myfuture, also offers several clean energy career stories.

In conclusion, remember that the growth and development within the renewable energy sector signals that skills are required across several disciplines. So, while we do need solar panel installers, electrical engineers and specialised technical roles, we also need a range of supporting roles. This means a diverse range of careers in finance, IT, human resources, procurement, law, customer service, communication and much more are required.

Resolute Training offers industry-leading training for the real world. We offer courses to support those who are keen to work in the renewable energy sector including courses in PV systems, battery storage, power systems, and a Certificate IV in Electrical (Renewable Energy). 

Employers who are getting started in renewable energy can visit our Getting started in renewable energy for more information.

Quentin Field

Principal of Resolute Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) established in 2019, Quentin Field is igniting a passion for renewable energy and electrical excellence. Developing the talent pool supporting these dynamic industries, Quentin is a vocational education trainer and assessor. A subject matter expert, he is also a member of the Advisory Board for Swinburne University’s New Energy Pathway Training, a federally funded project to design and implement the training resources for the UEE43322 qualification, Certificate IV in Electrical (Renewable Energy)

Empowering Australia’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Empowering Australia’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Cleaner and more affordable power: The Australian government is deeply committed not only to investing in large, grid-scale projects but also to providing households and communities with more choices and empowerment as to how they generate and use energy.  

Supporting clean energy transmission

The announcement by the NSW government to allocate $800 million to fast-track the connection of regional energy projects to the grid will ensure that cleaner, more affordable energy becomes available sooner.

In the words of Treasurer Jim Chalmers, Australia can “power the world” as a renewable energy superpower. The announcement follows the earlier declaration by the federal and NSW governments of a $7.8 billion plan for the Snowy 2.0 hydropower scheme, along with the integration of several renewable energy zones into the grid.

The workforce to support this investment

Australia requires not only a workforce to build the required energy infrastructure but also the expertise to engage with numerous new and emerging energy technologies. Currently, Australia relies on a limited workforce in this regard. 

To address this shortage, there is a critical need for a pipeline of skill transfer and training to fully support the sector in sustainable growth in the future. A nationally consistent approach necessitates nationally recognised qualifications. 

Education pathways

One of the first few steps in installing renewable energy is to ensure that key talent possess the requisite skills and knowledge. This may involve completing training classes and obtaining relevant certifications.

Resolute Training offers a range of courses designed exclusively for the renewable energy sector:

Several noteworthy highlights from the renewable energy sector include:

  • a new allocation of $75 million for microgrid projects in First Nations communities, announced by ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency)
  • robust demand for community batteries across Australia, with a tenfold increase in funding under Round 1 of the Community Batteries Funding program, totalling $120 million. ARENA shortlisted 31 applications covering every state and territory for further consideration
  • in the fiscal year 2022-23, ARENA approved funding of $544.1 million to 60 projects valued at over $3.5 billion and much, much more

Government support

The positive outcome of this sustained focus is an anticipated increase in government support, promotion, grants, and incentives – both financial and otherwise – to foster ongoing growth.

Grants funded by the Australian federal and state governments include:

  • matching grants ranging from $100,000 to $50 million for SMEs and large-scale industries
  • funding of up to $1 million for initiatives co-funded by the receiving company
  • grants ranging from from $2,500 to $12,500  for non-profit organisations in eligible locations, to install solar panels, store batteries or use solar water systems
  • free on-farm energy assessment for SMEs involved in farming businesses to improve their energy savings and explore new renewable energy sources
  • funding up to $3,000 for the installation of  solar panels or upgrading energy storage systems

Train and develop your staff today

If you are considering qualifying your staff appropriately and need assistance in identifying accessible grants and subsidies for which you may be eligible, please contact us to schedule an appointment today.

More information for employers on getting started in renewable energy

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Quentin Field

Quentin Field is the Principal of Resolute Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) established in 2019. 

Unlock Your Pool and Spa Business’s Potential

Harness effective training and development for your team

A popular water theme park recently clarified what happened after customers were asked to
promptly evacuate their wave pool, with no clear explanation given at the time. Confusion
and speculation about the sudden closure grew online, as expected.

Confusion and speculation can lead to negative consequences

This was set straight later when the theme park explained the closure, confirming that the pool was indeed evacuated because a swimmer had gotten sick in the pool. While business resumed as usual after the incident, the theme park had to contend with the rumour mill swirling. Such incidents can create panic, and reactive behaviours, worsened by conversations on social media.

In a separate incident, a chemical leak at a swimming pool caused a mass evacuation of swimmers and left children choking on the fumes. According to a report, the leak released a toxic vapour cloud into the communal area of the pool, which saw three people being sent to the hospital. What is involved in managing a pool or spa business effectively
While each situation above is unique, these incidents highlight that there is so much more to managing a swimming pool (or spa) business.

At the outset, it is understandable to think that a primary concern is conducting regular testing of the water. But this is not the only issue. Running a swimming pool or spa business can present several challenges such as:

● seasonal fluctuations in demand, which are also affected by the pool’s location
● high operating costs caused by significant investments in equipment, maintenance, staffing, and insurance
● staffing challenges which include the ability to recruit and retain qualified staff who offer specialised skills
● compliance of which there are many regulations and safety standards to meet, the failure of which could lead to fines, lawsuits or equally bad, damage to reputation.
A swimming pool or spa business needs to develop and maintain strategic oversight over a range of issues.

These include:
● ongoing care for public safety
● assessment and rectification of recognised issues and faults as these arise
● proper asset management
● a keen focus on maintaining and improving customer service and confidence and much more.

The strategic importance of regular and appropriate upskilling

While upskilling workers in your swimming pool or spa business may sometimes be seen as important but not urgent, it is a critical ongoing priority. Your workers, armed with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and expertise to do their jobs, are at the coalface.

Fit swimmer training in the swimming pool

They see and understand the issues as they arise. They are often, best placed, to figure out how to resolve a workplace issue. For this reason, ensuring that you are upskilling workers through qualifications and regular training and development provided by approved training organisations will ensure that you and your workers are well-equipped to move the business forward.

Outdoor Backyard Garden Swimming Pool Maintenance.
David Wurth

As our HR and Compliance Manager, David Wurth, explained, “Appropriate and relevant training, is essential for any business. Not only will it improve job performance, but it will also lead to better customer service, greater efficiency, and higher quality products and services.”

A VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualification provides individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to perform specific roles and is industry-recognised, flexible, and accessible.

An investment in your staff’s development can provide increased job satisfaction which in turn, shows your staff that you value their contributions and are committed to investing in their career development.

If you are keen to explore suitable qualifications for staff in your
swimming pool or spa business, contact us today for an obligation-free consultation.

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Quentin Field

Quentin Field is the Principal of Resolute Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) established in 2019. He heads up the training for Certificates III and IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Service. He is also a licensed electrician and is qualified in Swimming Pool and Spa Services.