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Getting started as a Pool & Spa technician

As an owner and operator of a swimming pool and spa service company and a trainer, I have many inquiries regarding the job itself.

Questions like: “How much do pool techs make? Is being a pool tech hard? What does a pool service technician do? What are the pool technician job requirements?”

So let’s look at these questions and clear up the where, what’s, whys, and hows.

What does a pool technician earn?

According to the website Jora, The average swimming pool and spa technician’s salary is between $50,000.00 and $70,000.00.

But if you were to ask me, “How much do pool techs make?” I would suggest the potential for income is higher than this. If you are willing to put in longer hours, increase your knowledge and skills, specialise in specific areas of the industry, and most importantly gain the qualifications available, (Currently the Cert III or Cert IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Service), you could see your income grow as high as $150,000.00 per annum.

Pool Technician Jobs

Where can you get started in the Swimming Pool and Spa Service industry? and Where can you get a Pool Technician Job?

You have a number of choices, In my experience, you can explore the traditional methods including job-seeking websites like: Jora, Seek or Indeed.

You can also approach the franchise organisations these could include:

PoolwerxSwimartJims Pools Services

Is being a pool technician difficult?

To answer this let’s look at what a pool service technician does on a daily basis.

Like all careers you have days that are harder than others, yes even celebrities and billionaires have days that are hard.

A day in the life of a swimming pool and spa technician could include (I have colour coded each task to indicate the easy to the hard:

  • Water Analysis – Testing the water for balance and sanitisation.
  • Water balancing – Adding chemicals to improve water quality.
  • Cleaning Pools and Spas – This includes brushing, vacuuming, and scooping the pools (actually a very relaxing part of the job)
  • Fault Finding and Reporting
  • Customer Service – Training, Handover of new pools and advice
  • Installation / Replace equipment – Sanitising equipment, cartridge filters, and Pumps
  • Repairs of equipment – Minor repairs to pumps, sanitising equipment, and filters
  • Acid washing pools – This involves removing the water, pressure cleaning the pool, and adding the required chemicals, salt, minerals, and algaecides.
  • Installation / Replacing equipment – Sand filters – This requires the removal and replacement of 120 – 200kg of sand or glass.
  • Adding Salt or minerals to a pool – These are 10 – 20 kg bags that require manual handling.