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Smart Energy Council

What is the Smart Energy Council?

The Smart Energy Council is the Independent Body for the Australian Smart Energy Industry

This is a critical time in history for renewable energy.

Australia’s transition to a net-zero emissions economy will deliver massive business and economic benefits. It is possible to grow jobs, attract investment, innovate and become more economically competitive, all while transitioning to a safe climate. Achieving a strong economy and a safe climate is not just possible, it is absolutely critical if we are to confront the challenges of the future.

The Smart Energy Council is here for ambitious action. We’re bold partners and a vital voice for the industry, bringing a proactive, hands-on approach that drives real progress.

We actively connect the smart energy industry across Australia, building momentum and unlocking the barriers that hold us back from embracing a smart energy future. We deliver tailored solutions for our members, delivering practical help to meet our members’ individual needs.With the world’s best renewable energy resources, and innovative people and businesses, Australia has the opportunity to be a smart energy leader.

What is Smart Energy?

Smart energy is zero emissions energy – from the sun, wind, oceans, waste.

Smart energy is the intersection of information technology and energy – the internet of energy – allowing people to take control of when and how they produce and consume energy.

Smart energy is the cheapest form of energy.

The Smart Energy Council does not support biomass from native forests. That’s not smart energy.

We believe the world is changed by those who show up.Empower your business. Accelerate the shift. Drive a sustainable future.